NYPD Issued safety Alert for an Officer, After Khaalid Anderson Posted on Social Media Regarding Cops killing, are Becoming a Thing

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The NYPD Issued safety Alert for an Officer. After the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis the protesters came down on the road and raising their voice against the police department some of them even choose violence. Therefore, some people took advantage of the situation and got involved in a crime like looting the stores and groceries as they were near the crime scene.

This whole scene doesn’t stop yet and now it’s spreading like a fire first, Minneapolis then Los Angeles and now it reaches New York City.

The NYPD has issued an alert for one of their police officers after the man in Brooklyn posted an online comment regarding invoking cop killings.

The alert was sent out to the service members immediately by the NYPD’s Intelligence Bureau Threat Assessment and Protection on Thursday in order to stop the increasingly violent protests in Minneapolis, New York City, and cities all over. The US peoples are now demanding justice for George Floyd even at the time when the Corona Virus has affected the whole world badly especially the USA.

According to the NYPD alert, which was first reported on by investigating journalist Shawn Cohen on twitter while he was picked up by Fox News, the man Khalid Anderson from Brooklyn already wrote on social media about “Cop killing are gonna be a thing, somebody gotta die.”

The memo said that there is no specific reason for the arrest but we request MOS to take caution and remain vigilant. If they should come into contact with this individual person than take the appropriate action against him and contact the Intelligence Bureau Threat Assessment Unit.

Since they have started searching for Anderson’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account’s they have revealed that the Brooklyn resident has posted multiple messages over the past two days addressing police killings.

NYPD Issued safety Alert for an Officer, After Khaalid Anderson Posted on Social Media Regarding Cops killing, are Becoming a Thing 1

On Wednesday Anderson tweeted a full post regarding police officers where he wrote;

“Cop killings is gonna become a thing. We need neighborhood snipers for the police. We need people to pull up on Black Panther time again. I know we’ll send a message and get some s*** done.

As the news of the NYPD alert spread on social media, Anderson starts addressing himself on multiple platforms by saying.

‘Lol, I never said I was gonna do anything lol but I can’t control the world and the people that you officers affect as he tweeted this afternoon.

In a status that updated on Facebook, Anderson claimed that the Cops have continuously visited his home looking for him over the past two days and that they even mistook his roommate for him. 

‘I made a tweet about cop killings on Twitter and the laws been on my a** ever since lol,’ he wrote.

It’s clear that the situation isn’t under control but tweets and comment like this on social media’s can even explode the whole situation as this type of comments spread the violent message among the people in order to protestors start coming out on the street and start to breaking the laws.

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