Katie Miller US Vice President Press Secretary Found Covid-19 Positive

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Washington- Us President was eager to reopen the workshop and was ready to hit back the economy and one side he has lifted the lock down in some phases, with knowing that corona virus is not at all stoping at this moment, Still, he reopened the market some places, but the recent news came that how can he convinced the people of his country that their workplace is safe to work even his own workplace in danger.

Yes, According to the officials Vice President Mike Pence’s Press Secretary tested positive for the Corona virus on Friday, and with this, the question arises that if we can get the infected person on that area which is Pennsylvania Avenue, where the regular test of staff is being done sometime every day as well, then how can the business and people across the country is safe to do work.

Us already has lost more than 77000 deaths so far and is not stopping, day by day is rising, And this virus presence in White house become the reason of dilemma for the nation, and thinking how to reopen the workplace without putting anyone lives on stake.

However, both the president and vice president are being tested daily, and both found negative till now, Even the staff members also being tested daily, and if anyone came to visit like the congressional Republicans They were spaced out around the table.

President Trump hosted a wreath-laying ceremony at the world war II memorial in Washington on Friday and mark the 75 anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany and invite the several veterans aged up to 95.

Apart from this the white house chief of staff told to the reporter that, “We’ve put in some additional protocols over the last 48 hours to reduce the risk and expressed the confidence that the president could be protected, and conclude with that this is the safest place that you can come to,” He said.

The Press Secretary of the Vice President’s Katie Miller found positive for the test and but it’s not like that she was not being tested but she found negative on Thursday but later when she was tested on Friday she was founded positive for the test and in this order the Mr. Pence’s Secheduled Flight To Des Moines to be delayed more than an hour, because all the other staff who had been in contact with the Katie millier was tested, and fortunately they were found negative for that.

Later Ms. Miller’s husband who is the president’s senior Adviser, too was tested again on Friday, and the results came back negative, and President Revel the confirmation of the same and said.

She tested very well for a long period of time. And then all of a sudden today, her reports came positive, She hasn’t come into contact with me. She spends some time with the Vice President.

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