Kanpur police line accident: one cop died and several injured due to roof collapse

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In the year 2020, the disaster of nature is coming everywhere in some form. There is a major accident in Kanpur Police Line. The dripping roof, which had been complaining for several days, collapsed and several soldiers were injured by its fall. Kanpur police line accident took place last night.

Kanpur police line accident

Kanpur Police line roof collapse accident
Collapsed roof in Kanpur Police line accident

Let us tell you, as soon as this roof fell, the police immediately started taking action and called the force of many police stations and started the relief operations. The injured policemen were rushed to the hospital but a policeman succumbed to his injuries during treatment. The other three policemen are still in injured condition.

The incident took place when the policemen were eating dinner and going to rest in their barracks. It is also important to question this incident because those who are the keepers of law and who have the responsibility of law and order on their shoulders, why are the basic facilities not being provided to them. Why are the government houses not being repaired? The team of NDRF were there to rescue and for the relief work.

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