What is special in ‘Janta Ka Reporter’ Website Launched by Senior journalist Rifat Jawaid

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Senior journalist Rifat Jawaid had launched the website called Janta Ka Reporter.

“Janta Ka Reporter” website is a rare kind of website as it is writing about the social and general issues of India and the world indecently. Very reputed senior Journalist Rifat Jawaid had started this website with the vision to provide influence free honest news to the society. This is what makes this website more special. Today people are showing belief in this website and the authentic content provided by it.

Janta-ka-darbar website
Janta Ka Darbar Website | Pic Source: jantakareporter

The website is working in almost all the domains and successful to provide us genuine reports. “Janta Ka Reporter” website reports on Sports, Business, Entertainment, and Politics, etc.

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The website “Janta Ka Reporter” says,

The purpose of launching jantakareporter.com, a 24×7 multimedia website is to revolutionize the way we gather news. Impartiality, objectivity and audience trust will be our guiding principles of our newsgathering ethos.  The common man or janta and NOT the political parties or corporate house will set the news agenda.

The website “JantakaReporter” also says,

Modeled along the lines of the BBC, where the founder of this initiative – Rifat Jawaid- had the pleasure of working for over 12 years at a very senior level, this website will promote courageous journalism without taking anybody’s side.

“Janta ka Reporter” website has its own team of independent and experienced Journalist. They deliver genuine, high impact news not just from India but across the world.

Background of Rifat Jawaid, The Founder of Website “Janta Ka Reporter”

Rifat Jawaid is the founder and CEO of this website “JantaKaReporter”. He had worked previously with prestigious news agencies such as BBC and Aaj Tak. He is a well-known veteran of media having eighteen years of experience.

Rifat had also worked with India Today as a Managing Editor-input for the group’s all four TV channels namely Aaj Tak, Headlines Today (now India Today), Dilli Aaj Tak, and Tez. The last role of Senor Journalist Rifat Jawaid with BBC was of International Coordinating Editor, providing editorial leadership to the BBC Global News.

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