Hearing on Kangana Ranaut petition against demolition in Bombay highcourt

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Kangana Ranaut petition against demolition: Let us tell you that from this morning, BMC has started proceedings citing illegal construction at Kangana Ranaut’s office. BMC officials have started bulldozing at Kangana Ranaut’s office due to illegal construction. On the other hand, Kangana has said that this building is not illegal. Kangana Ranaut said that BMC or action on my office is wrong and comparing her office to Ram temple and said that if Ram temple is destroyed then this temple will be rebuilt. Saying this, She wrote Jai Shri Ram, Jai Shri Ram and Jai Shri Ram on her Twitter handle.

Kangana Ranaut petition against demolition

Let us tell you that the differences between Kangana Ranaut and Mumbai Government started here when Kangana Ranaut raised questions on Mumbai Government in Sushant Singh Rajput case. Where Kangana Ranaut had also expressed apprehension about her safety earlier that day. Thereafter, the Home Ministry has provided her with security of Y-Plus category. Kangana Ranaut has left from Chandigarh for Mumbai today. Let us tell you that Kangana Ranaut will reach Mumbai at 2:30 pm. Let us tell that Kangana Ranaut’s bungalow number 5 located on Pali Hill was completely rebuilt by Kangana Ranaut as her office. Kangana Ranaut’s office is of three floors and is made of plastic-free material.

However, action is being taken by BMC officials who take action due to illegal construction. In protest against that action, Kangana Ranaut through her lawyer has filed a relief petition in the Mumbai High Court. Hearing on this petition has started from 12:30 pm today. It is believed that if such a quick action is taken after such a short notice, then it would be wrong. Many believe that this is happening only because Kangana Ranaut raised questions against the Mumbai government. To which this action is being taken as a reply by the Government of Mumbai. Some people even consider it a violation of freedom of expression. Let us tell you that the hearing is going on in the Bombay High Court at this time and the Bombay High Court can give its verdict at any time.

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