Donald Trump Suggested For Injecting The Disinfectant To Treat Coronavirus Patients

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Us President Donald Trump again Came into the light and come under the fire from the Medical Community as he suggested to inject the Disinfectant into the body of the infected patients to treat Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The president doing the daily press briefing when he made these comments, by following a study which showed that the virus Become more weakens more quickly when exposed to the sunlight and heat, and that is killed when the virus present in saliva or respiratory fluids.

Eventually the Bleaches and the disinfectant wipes are being used to kill the virus on the surface in the home, and it could be more dangerous when exposed to the skin, eyes, and respiratory systems.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

President after following the William Brya, head of the US Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate, briefing the study, President suggests that the research should be treated with the caution, and the try to suggest that if possible so the patients should be hit with the “a tremendous hit weather ultraviolet or just a powerful light”.

He added, that Supposing you brought the light inside the human body, which you can do many other ways as I believe on my scientists and the team as well.

After that he said, that “is there any way that we can inject the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. It would be interesting to check that.”

Mr. Trump comments brought the anger and disappointment when the US Medical Community, John Balmes Telling to the Bloomberg News, that It was a “Ridiculous Concept”, Inhaling the Cholire bleach would be the worst things for the lungs. Because the airway and lungs are not made to expose the aerosol of disinfectant.

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