Delhi to London bus: know about this most epic ‘Bus to London’ most epic bus journey

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Are you passionate about travelling? Yes! then you are reading an article that is only for you. Check out the route and the bus fare.

After the Corona virus pandemic everyone is looking forward for a ease in travel. Now, there is company who has already caught everyone’s attention for 2021 exciting and most epic bus journey. Adventures overland Company has announced the most epic bus journey between two of the busiest capitals in the world that is Delhi and London.
Are you surprised? Yes, this is the world’s first longest and epic bus journey that you will enjoy shortly.

Adventures overland company is based in Gurgaon. Company made an announcement on 15th August about their new plan ‘Bus to London’. According to the company now people can travel to London by road and the time travel will be 17 days. Let me tell you that there will be one way trip here.

Apparently the idea of this epic and longest journey came to the company after the story of similar bus journey between London and Kolkata back in 20 century went viral.

Bus to London
pic courtesy: adventuresoverland | ‘Bus to London’ | Delhi to London by bus | The Longest and Most epic journey

All you need to know about ‘Bus to London’

18 countries would be crossed during this Delhi to London road trip

Problems well cross 18 different countries in this 17 days long journey to London. During the journey the distance of 20000 km would be covered. The names of these 18 countries are given below:
India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, France, and United Kingdom.

Will ‘Bus to London’ be comfortable for travel?

Every facility you need will be provided in Bus to London. This special type of bus will be 20 seater and it is designed like business class. Apart from 20 people, it has space for four more people, the bus driver, assistant bus driver, 1 company representative, and 1 guide. In the journey of these 18 countries, travel guides will be changed so that you can be provided with good information about these countries and you do not face any kind of problem in traveling.

For this journey you will need 10 visas

If you are very excited to go in this journey then you will need to know that you will need 10 visas to enjoy this travel. No, no need to worry. Another good news for you is that the organizers will arrange for the visas of all their passengers. You just have to sit comfortably and relax.

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The total expenses of the journey will be 15 lakh

The organizer of this company has categorized the journey into four parts. if someone is not willing to go all through London but he want to visit the different countries they can opt for such packages. If we talk about the package of complete journey Delhi to London from ‘Bus to London’, it will cost you Rs. 15 lakh.

All you Need is passion to complete this journey

Tushar Agrawal, the founder of adventure overland Traveler said: we provide all the needed facilities to the passenger and take better care of them in this journey. We will arrange 4 star and 5 star hotels for stay during the journey.  If any passenger demand Indian food we will also arrange the food, be it any country. you should register for the trip only if you are really passionate to see the word.

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