BSNL will fire 20000 contractual employees

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In perhaps the greatest cutback throughout the entire existence of India, state-run telecom transporter BSNL will apparently fire 20,000 contractual workers, the whole way across the country. 

BSNL will fire 20000 contractual employees

State-owned BSNL has given a mandate to every one of its units to shorten use on contract works which is probably going to bring about the retrenchment of around 20,000 workers drew in with the telecom firm through contractors, as indicated by BSNL Employees’ Union. 30,000 have just been approached to leave, according to BSNL Employees Union, which makes it all out of 50,000 contractual specialists who will be approached to find employment elsewhere.

Officially, BSNL has not shared the precise numbers of contractual workers which is to be removed. 

BSNL Financial Conditions:

In a letter sent to BSNL Chairman and Managing Director P K Purwar, the association said the monetary state of the organization has decayed after usage of voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) and the issues in the networks have expanded because of lack of labor in different urban areas.

BSNL can’t pay salary of employees on due date even after VRS and 13 contract laborers have purportedly ended their life all due to non-installment of wages for as far back as 14 months, said by the Union.

Order issued by BSNL:

BSNL gave a request on September 1 with the consent of its human resource chief asking all the main head supervisors “to find a way to abridge the consumption on contract works and decrease commitment of works through contractors”.  The request said the CMD has wanted that “with the usage of bunch based methodology in the vast majority of the circles, there is no legitimization for housekeeping workers and other contractual staff, for example, security and so on”. 

As indicated by the request, the CMD has wanted that each hover of BSNL should “draw an unmistakable guide for non-commitment of contract works right away”.


Before the usage of the VRS-2019, it was proclaimed in an exceptionally enormous manner, that BSNL will accomplish its money related restoration through the VRS, since it will bring about huge decrease in the organization’s uses. Notwithstanding, we have no faltering to express that the budgetary situation of the organization has compounded after the usage of the VRS-2019.

BSNL Employees’ Union said in a letter which was dated for September 3 to the company’s CMD that- After the execution of the VRS-2019, through which 79,000 employees have been sent home, the need to proceed with the current contract laborers turned out to be significantly more mandatory. Notwithstanding the fact that you have chosen to save a great many contract laborers, which have just assisted with declining the upkeep of our networks at the field level.

The association said that because of decrease in workforce, the nature of BSNL administrations has without a doubt disintegrated and all the significant associations and affiliations, which are important for the All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB) are of a similar assessment.

Denial of 4G Technology:

According to the BSNL Employees’ Union, BSNL has not had the option to turn out 4G, even following 10 months of the revival package. 

The workers’ association said the recovery of BSNL is turning into a far off dream, simply because of the denial of 4G innovation to the organization. The choice of the legislature to assign 4G range to BSNL still stays on paper. BSNL is in the process of floating another 4G tender after its prior Rs 9,300 Crore delicate was rejected after a grievance by local telecom gear creators.

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