Egg is veg or non veg?

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Egg is veg or non veg: The Question egg is veg or non veg is quite a popular and always controversial topic for ages. Is Egg Vegetarian? Whether a Vegetarian should Eat Eggs or not? These are some questions which we will answer today according to science. So without wasting any time, let’s start the answer session of these controversial questions.

Is Egg Vegetarian ?

is Egg Veg ?
is Egg Veg ?

As we all know that egg are produced by hen and thus many people say that since it the foundation of any life which will be coming out of it, therefore we should call it non veg. While others say that if that is the case then Milk is also produced by cow, buffalo, camel etc. So should we call milk non veg ? But since the whole world know, we keep milk in the vegetarian category.

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Are Eggs veg or Non Veg ?

The answer to this question whether the Egg is Veg or Non Veg according to scientific facts is quite interesting. Science says that the Eggs which are consumed in a large number in the whole world daily are unfertilized. So there is no life in the eggs that we consume. Let’s think about it in this way.

An Egg is basically made of two major portions Egg white and Egg Yolk. Egg white is the best quality lifeless protein and Egg Yolk is basically a mixture of Protein, Good Cholesterol, and Fat. So there is no life started in the unfertilized Egg so to eat something which is not living can’t be considered Non Veg. So Science says that the Egg is Vegetarian.

Egg is Vegetarian

Are Eggs veg or nonveg
Are Eggs Veg or non Veg

Egg is veg and this fact is supported by many big names in the fitness industry. Some fitness experts says that since all the non veg products which we consume always contains the muscles of living creatures such as chicken, Goat, Fish etc. So when it comes to Egg, it doesn’t have any such living muscles in it. So Egg is Veg.

You will be surprised to know that Egg is one of the best sources of good quality protein. A standard Egg contains approx 6 gm of protein and 5gm of Fat. In this 6gm of protein around 4gm of protein is present in the Egg white section and the remaining 2gm protein is available in the Egg Yolk. This Egg Yolk is also enriched with good quality cholesterol.

Fitness and Sports persons are quite fond of this Egg Protein as it’s the affordable and best quality protein available out there. This is the reason, “Is Egg Veg or Non Veg?” is the most asked question among all the fitness related persons. Well, since now you know the answer that Egg is Veg and it’s the source of finest quality protein, start eating egg without any worries.

Egg can be consumed raw and boiled also. When it comes to fitness related persons, they consume a lot of eggs on daily basis. Even sometimes they consume 20 to 30 Eggs on daily basis. But yes they only eat the egg white portion and don’t consume the Egg Yellow portion, which is also known as Egg Yolk as it’s high in cholesterol. Eggs are quite good for hair growth and healthy hairs also.

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