Another Day, Another Hathras! 22-year-old woman in UP Balrampur gang-raped, murdered

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  • The gang-rape case in Hathras is boiling all over the country, in Uttar Pradesh’s Balrampur, with the Dalit girl
  • 22-year-old Dalit girl was gang-raped after breaking her back and legs, died on her return home
  • Two accused have been arrested in the case, the entire area has been converted into a camp, the family has accused of gangrape

Balrampur: Here is a boil in the country over the gang rape case in Hathras, in the meantime, there was a lot of humiliation with a Dalit girl in Balrampur, UP. Her waist and both legs were broken after the gang rape. After this, the student was sent home after sitting in a rickshaw, where she died after some time. Two accused have been arrested in the case.

The mother of the victim woman alleges that after injecting her daughter into the act of cruelty, the waist and two legs were broken and sent home. After this, the student is sent to the home by rickshaw, and she died. She was able to just say, ‘There is a lot of pain, I will not be saved now.’ However, Balrampur SP Dev Ranjan Verma has said that the news of breaking hands, feet, and waist is not right. This has not been confirmed in the post mortem report.

Accused of rape on the pretext of friendship, two accused arrested

According to the sources, after the Gang rape, there has been a lot of injuries in the internal and external organs of the woman, due to which she died. Regarding the incident, Superintendent of Police Dev Ranjan Verma said that two accused have been arrested in the case. The incident is being investigated. The arrested accused are Shahid and Sahil. Both are residents of Gasdi. Dalit girl is accused of rape on the pretext of friendship.

Sent home in a rickshaw in a moribund condition

The incident is from Gasdi Kotwali area of Balrampur. The girl’s family members allege that the 22-year-old Dalit girl came out of her house to get admission to BCom at around 10 am on September 29 but did not return home. His research started at around 5 in the evening. About 7 o’clock in the evening, the victim reached home in a badly injured state with a rickshaw. Seeing her in such a condition, the family members of the house tried to inquire, then she started groaning with pain.

Viggo was on hand to deliver glucose

After showing two doctors of the village, the family rushed to the district headquarters for treatment, but the girl died at some distance. It is being told that when the victim reached home, she was soaked in mud and she had a glucose-weighed in her hand. When the family tried to find out in the village, it was found that a doctor from the village had been called by a boy from the village to treat the girl in a house

There were bloodstains in the rickshaw

Family members alleged that when the girl was returning to Pimpedwa’s Vimala Vikram College after getting admission, 5 to 6 boys from the village kidnapped her and took her to a house in the village and carried out the gang rape. The rickshaw on which the young woman was taken home has been found with blood stains and her shoes on the way.

She was a brilliant student, made farmers aware

The victim of the heinous gang-rape was a brilliant Dalit student. For about two years, she also worked to make farmers aware of modern farming through an organization. After the incident, the police sent the woman’s body for postmortem.

6 hours postmortem

The seriousness of the case can be gauged from the fact that the post-mortem of the woman was done by a panel of 4 doctors at the postmortem house in the Joint District Hospital. The CMO of Balrampur also had to come to the post mortem house. Late evening the body of the girl was handed over to the family.

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