Andhra Pradesh Police seized 400 kg of cannabis and arrested 4 persons

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The Andhra Pradesh Police has been able to stop crime with its dedication and prompt efforts. Just a few days ago, Andhra Pradesh Police recovered gold, silver and cash from a house by recovering 8 trucks filled with it. As per the information received by the police, the police had raided and Andhra Pradesh Police had recovered about two and a half kg gold, 4 kg silver, 15.5 lakh cash and about 50 lakh fixed deposits. In this sequence, the Andhra Pradesh Police has once again recovered cannabis being taken illegally and police is keeping the crimes under control.

Andhra Pradesh Police in Action

Let us tell you that the volume of this cannabis is not being small but rather a total of 400 kg. According to the Andhra Pradesh Police, it was being illegally transported from Visakhapatnam district in Andhra Pradesh to Krishna district. According to the information received by the police, they showed readiness, reached the spot in the night and caught this large illegal cannabis transfer at a place called Eluru. Along with this, the police have also arrested four people from the spot.

Andhra Pradesh Police in Action
Andhra Pradesh Police in Action

Not only this, police has also seized about 15,000 liters of Jaggery Wash and 5 liters of country liquor from Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh yesterday. This illegal item was caught by the police in 3 villages. Police also recovered several types of pot drums and country liquor equipment from the spot. The Andhra Pradesh Police’s strategy of crime control is highly commendable and the Andhra Pradesh Police is constantly ready to control criminals.

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