Gmail and Google Meet: Everything you need to know about these two

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As we all know that Gmail is the most preferred email service provider in the world. As having a name is important and mandatory for any person in this world, in the same manner having a Gmail email id is also important for everyone. In the time of lockdown, when people are working from home, they required an app or service through which they can join meetings with their office persons. For solving this particular problem, many apps were introduced to the market. But installing a separate app for every single functionality and requirement is a little bit annoying.

Gmail and Google Meet: Gmail introducing Google Meet

So for solving this problem, Gmail have introduced Google Meet. Google Meet is platform by which you can make your own virtual conference room and join video meetings with your team mates. This Service is a part of Gmail, so you don’t have to install a separate app in your computer, just open your Gmail account on the browser and you will see the Google Meet option there inside it.

Even this Google Meet icon can be seen on your mobile Gmail App also and it makes it easy for you to host or join any meeting on the go. It is a very handy option for those persons who are required to have meetings very often in a day with work teammates or family. But if you feel that this option is not for you if you are not sure about hosting any meeting, you can definitely remove it from the Gmail App Settings.

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