George Floyd Brothers Said Trump Didn’t Allow Him To Speak During The Call

Trump Didn't allow the George Floyd Brother to speak

Minneapolis has become the most tragic nowadays, due to the death of the George Floyd and when the CNN Talked with the George Family then they said, they had a word with the both President Donald Trump and the Former Vice President Joe Biden This week over the death of his brother. Demise person Brother … Read more

Tik Tok Accused For Blocking The Hashtags Related To Death Of George Floyd In Minneapolis

Tik tok Accused for Blocking the George Floyd death hashtags

Huge protest in the Minneapolis around the death of George Floyd,in this matter Tik Tok comes up with a new controversy as Tik Tok is being accused of not allowing any post related to the Hashtag #blacklivesmatter and #georgefloyd. According to the Tik Tok that was an unintended bug when users complain regarding that, they … Read more

Minneapolis Clashed Between The Police And Protester After Death Of George Floyd During Arrested

Minneapolis clashed between police and protester

A Major Clashed Between the Police and the Protester in Minneapolis, where the protester was raising their voice where the George Floyd Was killed In an Altercation with the several Police officers. Hundreds of People Gathered around the Minneapolis, this became the moment of the chaos when the police officers stat firing the tear gas … Read more