US President Tweeted: He Is The Hardest Working Person In History Of The Country’s

Donald Trump latest Tweet

Washington Dc: The Us President Donald Trump on Continuing his attacks on media on Sunday, when he said that people called him the “the hardest working president” and describe it as he has done a lot of word in his first tenure than any other presidents in the country’s history. On his recent tweet has … Read more

Donald Trump Suggested For Injecting The Disinfectant To Treat Coronavirus Patients

Donald Trump On injecting the Disinfectant for Corona Virus

Us President Donald Trump again Came into the light and come under the fire from the Medical Community as he suggested to inject the Disinfectant into the body of the infected patients to treat Coronavirus (COVID-19) The president doing the daily press briefing when he made these comments, by following a study which showed that … Read more