Donald Trump vs Stormy Daniel :Court directs Donald Trump to give Stormy Daniel $44000


As already known, there is always some dispute between the President of America Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels. In this sequence, the California court ordered Donald Trump to pay porn actress Stormy Daniels about $ 44100 within a week. Donald Trump vs Stormy Daniel in the legal way is making news across the town these … Read more

Taylor Swift Lashed Out On Trump Last Night Tweet On Minneapolis Incident

Taylor Swift Lashed out On trump twitter on minneapolis

Day by day Minneapolis incident has become the reason of the chaos everywhere, everyone is coming forward to support the Dead Black man George Floyd, and the same thing happens between the Pop Singer Taylor swift and the Us President Donald Trump. Taylor swift strike back on the Donald trump tweet on Friday, She tweet … Read more

US President Trump Threatened WHO To Pulling Out The Permanent Funding

Trump Threatened WHO for Pulling Out Permanent funding

Us President Threatened to Pull out the permanent funding from The World Health Organization If they don’t commit the improvements in the next 30 days. In this letter To the WHO Director-General Tedros ADhanom Ghebreyesus, He said, ” It is pretty obvious that consistently missteps by you and your organization in respond to this pandemic … Read more

Donald Trump Accused China This Virus Is A Attack And More Worse Than The Pearl Harbour and 9/11

Donald Trump Accused China

The cold war between the Us and China Still going on, where the US continuously accusing China of transmitting the Coronavirus, Which hit us Population so hard, according to us its an attack from China, and this is the worst attack ever, on the country, and said it is worse than Pearl Harbour and 9/11 … Read more