Bald Men Could Be The Easy Target Of Corona Virus, They Carry The Hormone Allow To Attack The Cells

Bald Men Can be the Easy target for the Covid-19

A strange revelation From the Spain High Authority Study said or believe that the Baldness is the perfect carrier of the severity of the people who are suffering from the Covid-19. The Brown University’s Professor Carlos Wambier Who examine this with the two studies in Spain and found that the High number of men with … Read more

A Single Person Infected 533 Other People Corona Positive At A Factory

Nana Akufo Addo

One Infected Fish messed up the entire pond and this is proved by the fish processing plant in Ghana. According to the country’s president Nana Akufo Addo Said, hundreds of factory workers at a fish processing plant have been found positive for the coronavirus and all 533 people get infected from one worker at the … Read more

Katie Miller US Vice President Press Secretary Found Covid-19 Positive

Us Vice President Press Secretary Katie mIller found corona positive

Washington- Us President was eager to reopen the workshop and was ready to hit back the economy and one side he has lifted the lock down in some phases, with knowing that corona virus is not at all stoping at this moment, Still, he reopened the market some places, but the recent news came that … Read more

Covid-19 Vaccines Is Being Tested On Volunteers Pfizer And BioNTech

Corona Virus vaccine testing on volunteers

Corona Virus has become the more dominant all over the world, and more than 3 million infected cases of the coronavirus already have been reported and it has knocked down the almost 254000 death, but we won’t bow down in front of this and the ratio of the recovered person is 1184625 from this virus. … Read more

Israel Announced The Corona virus Antibody Breakthrough Gave The Rays Of Hope

Scientist searching for corona viurs

We are facing a crucial time worldwide at this moment due to the Corona Virus pandemic. However, on Tuesday we are getting a positive sign from the Israel Researchers as they have made significant progress in isolating an antibody and vaccines for this Corona virus, which is dominating all over the world. However, on the … Read more