Victim Of The Depression: Moises Henriques Cricketer Try To Committed Suicide Now Reveal The Reason Behind That

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It’s been a quiet long time Australian All-rounder cricketer Moises Henriques Out of the team, This player is not the part of the international team for some time, but he is playing the country cricket and league and the reason behind this was the once attempted suicide, He said”.

In the podcast hosted with the Journalist Neroli meadows, He revealed how in 2017 he got to know about the clinical depression and the same time he was turned out of the team as well, he added the word and said,

If you go through the symptoms of the Depression on google, I was feeling all the symptoms visible in myself, and quite severely, it was probably 2 or 3 months when I was struggling with myself and I was in a poor condition, struggling with sleep for an hour and two.
In that duration, I had lost about 10 kg in four weeks. You can not even think about the same for your enemy in which I was.

Moises Henriques

He also added his word and reveal the reason behind this when he didn’t play well against Tasmania.

Frustration Of Not Performing Well Overwhelmed Him

My team won the toss against the team Tasmania, in Bankstown Oval, it was a shield game, and I decided to bowl first after looking at the pitch, and End of the day, they scored 290/2 and the next day they reached 450. When we start chasing we start with 90/5 I also got out after scoring 20 runs for my team.

While concluding this word he also said he was feeling to commit suicide, because a lot of people always take a bad step when the depress overwhelmed on him and I was one of them, talking about this he said.

I still remember the day when I was heading towards my home, and driving with the speed of 100km/h and wondering what if I drove my car straight into the pole? What would be the results?
But then somehow I realized that this is not fair for my brother, my fellow players, and then for those who support me, I can not leave my team with 10 people for the next 2 days, I can ‘t do this and ended, his podcast.

Moises Henriques

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