India Former Cricket Said New Zealand Deserve To Be The Joint Winner Of ICC World Cup

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Former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir think that In a thrilled final in ICC world cup last year New Zealand was the most consistent team throughout the worldcup and they deserve to be the joint winner of the World cup .

As we know that in the final at Lord’s, England beat New zealand on boundary count- back as the scores were tied even after the super over as well.

Gautam Gambhir is the former cricketer of India believes that New Zealand deserve to be the same credit as the winner team england as they had put the impressive performance in the world cup but unfortunately they didn’t get the enough credit like what they deserve.

About MS Dhoni, that the couple of time he saw caption cool loosing his tempor on silly mistakes.

People say that they have never seen Dhoni lose his coolness, but I have seen a couple of times. It was during the 2007 world cup and some other world cups when we haven’t done well, Gambhir said.

He further added, that Dhoni is also a human being and he has the full rights to react on certain situations as well.

He is a normal human being and of course, he is bound to reach as well, It’s absolutely fair enough to do that. Even at CSk, If there’s a misfield or if someone has dropped a catch.

On this conversation ahead he said, yes he is cool, and he is probably more cool than me and even the rest of the team caption for sure.

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