EX-WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard Missing During The Beach Swim

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We almost have lost the WWE legend and the former WWE star Shad Gaspard Who went missing when the riptide hit on Venice Beach in California.

This is heartbreaking that as he was hanging at the beach with his son and even the day before he also shared a video in which he shared how blessed he is about his life.

It’s confirmed by the WWE Start MVP and AEW star lace Archer and both also mentioned that they are not ready to make any public or officials comment on this manner at this time.

Sadly on the Sunday Afternoon He and his boy were having the quality time with each other and unfortunately who got caught in a strong riptide at Venice Beach. There was the lifeguard who pulled out the lots of swimmers but he was the only one who went under the water.

However, according to the lifeguard they had reached out to the people and they were trying to pull out the people but Shad Gaspard directed them towards his 10 years old son and they pulled out his son, however, on the other second another riptide wave crashed down on him and he went under the water before the lifeguard could reach to him, and that is the last time when he was seen.

The officials and the lifeguards are still searching for the Gaspard and his family is also sitting there, in the hope that he will be found.

This was the full weekend In Los Angeles that had been open since the lockdown emerged due to the corona virus pandemic, reason being it was over crowded as well, according to the lifeguard that they had to perform more than the 450 rescues.

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