Trump calls on Fox News to fire reporter Jennifer Griffin for verifying Atlantic article

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For years, Fox News has condemned the work of President Trump and other organizations providing information about his administration. But something different happened on Friday with the network reporting from its own correspondent and doubting eyes.

Trump calls on Fox News to fire reporter Jennifer Griffin for verifying Atlantic article

According to one of their reports, we disappointed the 7 members who died in the service of our country. According to reporter Jennifer Griffin’s tweet, Trump said ICMR did not want to honor the dead in the cemetery. Even did not want to flag down on John McCain’s death.

An actual news organization aggressively stated that it was very similar to the reporting at the center of the biggest news story of the day. Especially given that Fox rarely distributes its own original reporting. And it matters because Fox viewers like to see the truth. But instead of reporting Griffin, Fox acted as if it were embarrassing and inconvenienced.

Griffin gave his report at 3 pm but during “The Five” Jessie Waters and Grenn Guttenfield tried to discredit the reporting of The Atlantic. Key aspects were confirmed by Giffin in this report. Gutfeld called it a hoax and said there was no source and that it was already disputed.

Anchor John Scott tried to improve the situation by covering the story at 7:00 pm. Scott interviews Pete Battigi and aims to repeatedly suspect The Scotland voting. Scott insists on Trump’s ups and downs “it just comes down to a he-said, she said”

Maybe you want to give Scott the benefit of Sunday, or maybe he is playing the role of a devil lawyer as a journalist? Perhaps you will be able to make that argument but later in the hour when Trump communications director Team Murta appeared on the program, Sport did not challenge him. It was amazing to see here that the Fox News anchor pushed a guest back to work with his network’s self-reporting, then reprimanded a guest for reporting without challenging him.

Instead of leading its homepage with Griffin’s reporting, which confirmed many of the key aspects of The Atlantic’s reporting, what did the network do? The newspapers gave Trump’s refusal to make the headline reporting the dressing in which he had posted Atlantic reporting. The splash wrote “IT’S A HOAX” and the main headline I wrote, Trump denied the Atlantic report that he canceled a military strike in a canceled trip between conflicting accounts.
John Passantino, who works at CNN, tweeted, “I used to manage the Fox News dot com homepage. This would be an extraordinary and unusual decision to run this denial as the top story despite having confirmed key details of the reporting…”

Trump calls for Griffin’s firing

In a late Friday night in a tweet, Trump attacked on Jennifer Griffin and claimed that his reporting was denied by several witnesses. The President further added that Jennifer Griffin should be fired for this kind of reporting. Never even called us for comment. Fox News is gone!

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