Lucknow University Admission Alert, Best Time to get admission in 2 Major Master Degree Courses

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As per University of Lucknow sources getting admission in Two Major Master Degree Programs of Lucknow University is quite easy now. In this upcoming session, it is hard for Lucknow University to fill all seats. That is why they are giving some relaxation in terms of the selection process.

University of Lucknow Entrance Gate
University of Lucknow Entrance Gate

University of Lucknow is offering two major master degree programs. One is Masters in Ancient Indian History. This is quite good program and has many future career possibilities. The Second Masters Degree Program which is offered by Lucknow University is Masters Degree in Yogic Sciences. This Yogic Sciences Masters Degree is related to the Science of Yoga. It is also a promising career as Yoga has gain a lot of popularity in the past few years. We should also consider the fact that with the acceptance of international Yoga Day, this Masters Degree Program has amazing career opportunities now.

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Lucknow University process to get admission in Masters Degree

lko University
Lucknow University Admission

The University of Lucknow has decided a number for the allotted seats as per the standard quota for students in these two Masters degree program. According to sources the total number of students who appeared for this entrance exam are quite less than the allotted seats. So Now University of Lucknow has decided to allow all the candidates who appeared for the entrance of these two masters program in the admission process. Even if the student who have scored zero in the entrance exam are also allowed for the admission process.
Lucknow University Quota Seats Number

In these two major Masters Degree program, it is very hard for the Lucknow University to fill the allotted seats as per the quota. If we talk about the first masters degree program that is, Masters Degree in Ancient Indian History, only 126 students have appeared for the entrance exam. While the total seats allotted for this course are 180 in number. In the same manner, the second degree program that is Masters Degree in Yogic Sciences, only 42 individual students appeared for the entrance exam. The total allotted seats for this particular program were 50. Now this clearly means that it is a big challenge for the University of Lucknow to fill all the allocated seats for these courses. This is not the scenario of only these two degree programs. Except these courses there is shortage of admission seekers in Degree courses like Urdu, Asian Culture and Arabic etc. The interest of youngsters in these courses is less than compare to courses like science, Fine arts, polity etc.

Seats Equations of Lucknow University:

Lucknow university Entrance Exam

Public administration is quite popular program of university of Lucknow but still there are 17 Free seats in this course out of total of 160 seats. If we look at Defense programs, 7 seats are free out of 80 individual seats. Even this continues in the most popular course Physical Education also. There are 9 unoccupied seats out of 40 in physical education course. Home science which is quite popular among girls is also facing the hard time filling seats as 57 seats are still free out of 80.

This clearly means that now students are taking less interest in other streamline courses. Students are often interested in science, fine arts and political science studies.
Further, we can say that lucknow university is one of the most reputed institution of the city. It has many golden histories and university of lucknow is also a symbol of proud when it comes to giving amazing minds to the country. Apart from all these talks we must consider that the above mentioned two masters degree programs has very good career opportunities and one must consider it as a good career option.

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