‘V’ Movie Review: Nani’s movie is Stylish, Thriller

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‘V’ Movie Review: V is the first film to be released on the OTT platform with Nani’s 25th career film. So far other big small films have entered on OTT but here is the first major Telugu film in which popular star like Nani is premiered on the site.

‘V’ Movie Review: Nani’s movie is Stylish, Thriller

‘V’ movie is directed by famous director Mohan Krishna Indraganti. The film will be released on Amazon Prime Video. In the promo of the film or it was very clear that the film is on a murderous man who challenges a police officer to catch him.
V begins with a dashing DCP Aditya (Sudhir Babu). Here the sequence seems to increase Aditya’s heroism in every bit, the actor ripped his short and sent the men to space with his mukko. Newspaper clippings tell Aditya’s character that he not only believes in human rights but also walks the ramp. He not only busts the drug racket, but he also gets the most votes for the sexiest man in the world.
The first murder after Aditya’s entry does not take long. But however the screenplay goes through all the motions of an investigation so you won’t feel bored. For example when Aditya walks into a brutal crime scene where the victim is simultaneously a police officer. His flamboyance and bravery is more emphasized than the natural reaction to the crime. His subordinate (vennela Kishore place man should Adithya’s sidekick) seems dissatisfied in the role of a senior that he has a right in front of some clever jokes. To crack.
The character of Sudhir Babu who is playing the role of Aditya is not very satisfying. Nivetha is quite charming on screen but looks crisp and the work also provides relief which is only distracting.
Mummy offers some relief at Nani’s entry. He is innately funny. He blindly shakes the people around him with his hand (but you also wonder why he behaved this way after finally knowing all the answers). Playing a hero in a film is a brave choice for a lead actor.
Aditi Rao Hydari as Sahiba looks beautiful. V His expressions in the film are exactly the same as seen in his previous film Sufiam Sujatayam.
The rat cat game repetition between Aditya the killer is complete though everything looks stylish and classy. But the lighting background 4K Uncle can only add suspense, they cannot make it or its work is overshadowed in this part.

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