Sunny Leone is super excited for her brand new Car Maserati

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Sunny Leone Bought new Car Maserati: Bollywood stars have an old association with luxury cars. The world’s most expensive cars have been seen in Bollywood from time to time. This time the car we are going to talk about is very special. Very few people in the world own this luxury car Maserati. This car has extremely high speed with very good features.

Sunny Leone Bought new Car Maserati: Shared Pics on Instagram

Let us tell you that the film actress Sunny Leone, known as Baby Doll, has bought this car. Sunny Leone was very excited about this car from the beginning and she expressed her happiness by posting a post on her Instagram too. This car was welcomed by Baby Doll Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber in their convoy of cars. Let us tell you that Sunny Leone posted posts one after the other and told her fans about her happiness and her excitement.

Even before this, the trend of taking luxury cars in Bollywood is being made. Let us tell you that just a few days ago, luxury cars have also been taken by Amitabh Bachchan and Prabhas. Amitabh Bachchan has bought a Mercedes S class for himself which is worth about 1.38 crores. On the other hand, Prabhas has bought a Range Rover for himself.

Sunny Leone, who just took pleasure in luxury car yesterday and felt the thrill, has posted a post on her social media enjoying Sunny Weather today. Sunny has shared a very beautiful photo of her with her husband Daniel Weber in the pool which she took in Los Angeles. While sharing the photo, he told you that it was the best thing in Los Angeles.

Let us tell you that Sunny Leone shifted to Los Angeles with her family just a few days ago. And she stays active on social media among her fans through her post from there. Let us know that soon we will get to see the very beautiful style of bold actress Sunny Leone in her upcoming film Rangeela.

The audience is excited about this film Rangeela and it is believed that Sunny Leone will once again show her beauty and performance in Bollywood. Let us tell you that even before this summer, Sunny Leone has been seen enjoying the weather with her family in the swimming pool in Los Angeles. Sunny Leone’s fans are thrilled about her post and are waiting for her upcoming film Rangeela soon after the end of Covid-19.

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