Rohit Roy Post “Rajinikanth Tested Corona Positive” Trolled By Fans

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Bollywood Actor Rohit Roy was heavily trolled after posting a joke on the other Superstar Ranjnikant testing positive for the coronavirus.

Rohit Roy Took his Instagram Where is mentioned that Rajnikant tested Corona positive and he is not under quarantine, and also include the caption, Let’s beat this shit outa the corona, and be safe when you get back to work, He didn’t forget to mention to advice him to wear a mask and keep washing his hands several times a day, as much as possible, and also conclude the post with the message this virus can’t affect us unless we Let it #staysafe

However, Later On, Rohit Roy came up with another message that and said to keep calm and told everyone that it is a joke, and he didn’t have any intention to hurt anyone all he wants to make smile everyone and suggested fans to look for the intention before commenting as his fans are deliberately commenting to hurt him.

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Rohit Roy This message didn’t go well to the Rajnikant and they started trolling him over this silly joke. and some of the user post that, ” this is so much insensitiveness in the name of a joke and other one considered it as insensitivity and lack of sympathy for those who are suffering from coronavirus, He taunts that I know once everything will be okay and you get back to his work, I hope your popularity and followers increased many times after this Post.

While the epic user wrote something worse than this, How about it if someone posts Rohit Roy is dead and the other second he is saying it was a joke, this gonna hurt you and your fans, and now you have created the bad image in front of your fans.

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