‘Khaali Peeli’ undergoes many cuts due to sensitive scenes and vulgar dialogues

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‘Khaali Peeli’ is Ishaan Khattar’s next film to be released on October 2, 2020, on Zee Plex and Zee 5. The film will be a Bollywood masala film directed by Maqbool Khan. In ‘Khaali Peeli’, Ananya Pandey will br in the lead role, while Jaideep Ahlawat will play an important supporting role.

‘Khaali Peeli’ will also get a theatrical release in the drive-in theaters of Gurugram and Bengaluru. However, since the film is also releasing in theaters, it needs to get certification from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). According to a recent report by Bollywood Hungama, the CBFC board demanded several cuts from the film due to its use of erotic content and offensive words.

CBFC cut various erotic scenes from ‘Khaali Peeli’

The dramatic cut of ‘Khaali Peeli’ has been modified to suit the specifications of CBFC. Reportedly, the film contains several swear words and vulgar scenes that are unsuitable for cinemas. Bollywood Hungama reports claim that the song Neha made several cuts due to her erotic scenes. Also Read: Rhea Chakraborty Drug News – Bombay High Court To Pass Order On Rhea Chakraborty Bail

According to the report, various oaths were converted into less aggressive negotiations. Apart from this, the Bollywood Hungama report also shows that CBFC has asked the makers to add a disclaimer to the film’s debut. This disclaimer is a claim that the producers are against “the exploitation and purpose of children and women”.

While these reductions are likely to be imposed on theatrical release, it is uncertain whether these changes will also be implemented in the film’s OTT version. On September 22, 2020, the CBFC Board approved Khaali Peeli with a rating of U / A. Khaali Peeli has also suffered a lot of backlash due to the ongoing debate of nepotism in Bollywood.

‘Khaali Peeli’ teaser was not liked on YouTube due to Ananya Pandey’s association with the film. The film’s teaser is now the second most disliked video in the world. In addition, the lurics of the song Beyonce Sharma Jaayegi  was called by many netizens for its racist lyrics. The name of the song was later changed to Duniya Sharma Jaigi.

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