10 Best Indian Lesbian Web Series To Watch Online

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Best Indian Lesbian Web Series Videos are something which is trending over the internet these days. Love is a beautiful feeling which can be between any two persons regardless of gender and races. People are consuming the LGBTQIA+ content over the internet and OTT Platforms and this is in huge demand.

These Lesbian Web Series are a mixture of many pleasant, provoking, surprising feelings for the watchers. Indian Lesbian Web Series are always an ice on the cake for the unexplored love of the society.

Best Indian Lesbian Web Series

So, if you want to spend some quality alone time with binge-watch, we have prepared the most desirable list of 10 Best Indian Lesbian Web Series. So without waiting further, let’s start exploring the unexplored love of Indian Television and Cinema:

1. The Night in Mumbai

OTT Platform: Hotshots
Preeti Rana
Revathy Acharya
Milan Singh

The Night in Mumbai Web Series is a urban fascinated story with a lot of twist. It’s based on the concept of blind date. The love making clip of Preeti and Revathy is something which will leave you surprised. The enjoyment gets bigger when with fantasy meets surprises in a blind date. We highly suggest you search and watch this fantasy web series.

The Night in Mumbai-Indian Lesbian Web Series

2. Maya 2

OTT Platform: Jio Cinema
Leena Jumani
Priyal Gor

Directed by Krishna, this web series Maya 2 is interesting story and a great Indian Lesbian Web Series of Same-gender relationship. Television actors Leena Jumani and Priyal Gor are in the lead role in this lesbian web series. It is launched by Vikram Bhatt with his daughter Krishna and as soon as it went on air, it started creating a lot of buzz in the Indian Cinema.

Maya-2-Lesbian Indian Web series

The story is about the challenges of same-gender relationships in the day to day life. The starcast has designed this story around the taboo thinking and society challenges for such relationships. But the aroma of love has it’s own spark in it. You can watch it over Jio Cinema OTT.

3. The Married Woman

OTT Platform: ALT Balaji
Riddhi Dogra
Monica Dogra
Suhaas Ahuja

The Married Woman show is available on Alt Balaji Ott platform. As soon as alt balaji released it’s trailer, it became the most searchable and desirable Indian lesbian web series online. You will find the dialogues of this web series really provoking and interesting, which created a desire to watch such taboo relationships in the very well blended story format. Monica and Riddhi are shown as lesbian couple in this. Grab your seats and watch this interesting web series.

The Married Women-Best Indian Lesbian Web Series

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4. City of Dreams

OTT Platform: Disney+ Hotstar
Priya Bapat
Geetika Tyagi
Siddharth Chandekar

Politics is always interesting to watch, no matter it’s in general topics or in love. This City of Dreams is a story based on Political Thriller. It talks about the legacy politics for the city of Mumbai. The lesbian part of this show is one of the lesbian kiss episode in it. In that scene Priya Bapat and Geetika Tyagi are shown. This is also one of the highest searched Indian Lesbian web series video on Google. The sibling rivalry and a lot of politics in this story adds spices in it.

City of Dreams-Lesbian Indian Web Series

5. Riti Riwaaz Pinjara

OTT Platform: Ullu Originals
Misthi Basu
Mahi Kamla
Suraj Soni
Nandlal Singh

Ullu platform has given a lot of taboo stories which are fun to watch. But if we talk about the most sensational lesbian web series available on this platform, it will be Pinjara episode of Riti Riwaaz series.

Riti Riwaaj Pinjara-lesbian web series India

In this episode actress Mishti Basu and Mahi Kamla has shown their great acting skills to bring lives in scenes. The passionate love and intense desire towards the taboo relationships and the love making by eyes is something which will drag your attention. So if you are curious about lesbian love making and web series and do watch this episode.

6. Ragini MMS Return

OTT Platform: ALT balaji
Riya Sen
Nishant Malkani
Karishma Sharma

Creators are trying their best to get such good scenes in more web series. Ragini MMS Return is a story of a college with a lot of mysteries and intense scenes which makes it more desirable for the young viewers. It’s a mix of Horror and romance. Karishma sharma has played really nice romantic scenes in Ragini MMS Return.

You will see laughter, romance and drama together in this show. So binge watch this horror and romantic creation with your sheets close.

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Indian Lesbian Web Series Ragini MMS Return

7. Breathe Into The Shadows

OTT Platform: Amazon Prime video
Nithya Menon
Shruti Bapna

This is one of it’s kind web series with the touch of thriller and lesbian love together. It’s rare to imagine something in a thriller situation but the creator and director of this show made it possible and the audience loved it.

Best Lesbian Indian Web Series Breathe Into The Shadows

Nithya Menon and Shruti Bapna has given their 100 percent to the love making scene in it. This is one of the hottest passionate love scene of Indian Lesbian Web Series. The passion between both of them is worth watching during the scenes of Breathe into the Shadows.

8. Bekaaboo 2

OTT Platform: ALT Balaji
Shubha Rajput
Poulomi Das

Bekaaboo Season 2 is thriller story filled with a lot of romance and love making. Shubha Rajput and Poulomi Das has shown exceptional performance according to the scenes requirement. This story revolves around a female writer. She is really excited to get the inspiration and experience for her new book. Bekaaboo season 2 is filled with great romantic scenes, which you will never forget. The facial expressions are worth praising in it’s episodes.

Bekaaboo-2 Indian Lesbian Web Series

9. Gravity of Love

OTT Platform: Manga Turber on Youtube
Edith Pearl

The mouth watering lesbian indian web series Gravity of Love is worth watching. Actress Edith Pearl and Riya are really looking fabulous in all the scenes in it’s videos. This is a beautifully crafted series of love making and romance episodes. In all 5 episodes love making and the feeling of romance is on it’s highest spot.

The most interesting scene in all these 5 episodes, is in the 4th episode which is titled as Dyke. It’s a 5 minute romantic scene and you can enjoy this seemlesly. Enjoy the love story with the spices of lesbian love making in the great video series.

Gravity of Love a lesbian indian web series

10. Devi Goddess

OTT Platform: Youtube
Aditi Vasudev
Priyanka Bose
Tanvi Azmi

Devi Goddess web series

Bollywood actresses have their own way of making the romance more attractive and desirable. In Devi Goddess, Bollywood actresses have given their finest performance to bring the challenges of accepting same-gender love in front of the society. When love is in the air, nothing seems impossible and this lesbian video series shows the messaging about this.


Comment your thoughts about this list of Best Indian lesbian Web Series. We will try to add more relevant entertaining web series and highly rated web series on our website.

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