Aj And The Queen: RuPaul Clear The Rumour After Getting A Lot Of Response On Twitter

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Alright buddy, The Netflix Comedy Series, “AJ and the Queen” And the Ruby red, who has taken the bow and center of attraction, and in this series Ruby decides to take a road trip in The Us 1990, to find what he lost, but unfortunately her partner tricked her and took everything that she got.

But the twist is here when the 11 years chunk joined her in the journey, and together, they traveled one city to the other cities and the fact is that each city, Ruby’s Message of love touched the people’s hearts and Changed their heart.

Rupaul and Michael Patrick king Creates and direct the show together, and even RuPaul plays an important role in this show as well, but the sad things are that Netflix has dropped the “Aj and the Queen”. They are not going to proceed with this show again.

The Creator Rupaul, Confirmed the news of the cancellation by himself on twitter. He seemed unhappy with the decision but also happy with the word that he has done, and he thanked the fans too.

The Criteria of the Netflix that is always considered the popularity of the show before starting and renewing it for the another season, and we also hope that Netflix will clear this mess asap and clear the clouds of uncertainty from the season 2, as the popularity and the number of the season were not too bad.

The first season ended up with a lot of suspense without clearing the question, Everyone hoping for the best and the everyone looking for the next season as well.

RuPaul Annouched No More Season of “Aj and the Queen”
Getting response on Twiiter

Hope the fans will get a chance to watch this show once again soon.

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