NEET 2021 Delayed Ad Infinitum: Let’s De-Stress & Check Expected Questions

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The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test, NEET, is scheduled to be conducted on 1st August 2021. However, when the entire country is reeling from the pandemic’s second wave, there have not been any updates on the exam further. Therefore, aspirants were expecting the NEET Application Form, but the utter silence from the authorities for over two months has now added to the students’ anxiety.

But there is no end to misery if you keep thinking negatively. It will only add to your stress. So, let’s de-stress and focus on things that are under your control. So, here we have shared a few questions on important topics you can look into besides waiting for the NEET Application and Exam dates to be out.

NEET Application Form 2021

The NEET application form window was supposed to have been opened by now on the official website. But since there have been no further updates on this yet, students must focus on their exam preparation.

At such times, candidates are advised not to get panicked and come up with false assumptions. They must keep an eye on the official updates regarding NEET application and exam dates and also continue their preparation.

They are expected to cooperate until official notifications from the authorities are out. Here, we thought of sharing certain important topic-wise questions for NEET 2021 applicants regarding their final preparation.

NEET 2021 Expected Questions: Biology

The Biology paper consists of a total of 90 questions in the examination. Each question contains 4 marks and for every wrong attempt, there are negative markings as well. So, here are some expected questions and answers mentioned below that students must be aware of besides the date of NEET Application 2021:

  1. Metameric segmentation is a characteristic of? 

Ans: Metameric segmentation is a characteristic of Annelida and Arthropoda.

  1. What is common among Nereis, Scorpion, Silverfish, and Cockroach?

Ans: Nereis, Scorpion, Silverfish, and Cockroach all possess a dorsal heart.

  1. What is the basis of a DNA Fingerprint?

Ans: The basis of a DNA Fingerprint is polymorphism in sequence.

  1. What causes a common cold that cannot be cured with antibiotics?

Ans: Common cold is caused by a virus which is why it can’t be cured with antibiotics.

  1. When do frameshift mutations occur?

Ans: Frameshift mutations occur whenever the base is added or deleted.

  1. What is the estimated total number of nitrogenous bases present in the human genome?

Ans: The total number of nitrogenous bases present in the human genome is estimated to be 3.1 billion.

  1. What is the outermost limiting layer of mycoplasma made up of?

Ans: The outer limiting layer of mycoplasma is made up of a cell membrane.

  1. Ascaris is characterized by?

Ans: It is characterized by the presence of neither true coelom nor metamerism.

  1. What does industrial melanism found in peppered moth proves?

Ans: It proves that true black melanism forms from recurring random mutations.

  1. What features make crocodiles and penguins similar to whales and dogfish?

Ans: They have gill slits at a certain stage.

  1. Gigantic Drift operates in?

Ans: Gigantic Drift operates in only a small isolated population.

  1. Both Octopus and Cats have eyes showing different patterns of structure, yet they perform similar functions. This is an example of:

Ans: It is an example of analogous organs which evolved as a result of convergent solutions.

  1. Which of these sets contain bacterial human disease?

Ans: Diphtheria, Plague, and Leprosy

  1. At the time of translation in eukaryotes, what does the anticodon align with?

Ans: Anticodon is aligned with 3 – UAC – 5.

  1. Why was the first clinical gene therapy given?

Ans: The first clinical gene therapy was given to treat Adenosine Deaminase Deficiency.

  1. Azolla has a symbiotic relationship with?

Ans: Anabaena

  1. What does Man in the life cycle of Plasmodium mean?

Ans: It means Man is the secondary host of Plasmodium.

NEET 2021 Expected Questions: Chemistry

The Chemistry paper in NEET contains a total of 45 questions. Each question again contains 4 marks and has 1 negative marking for each wrong attempt. The expected questions of Chemistry for NEET 2021 are given below:

  1. What does the mixture of chloroxylenol and terpineol act like?

Ans: The mixture of the two compounds acts as an antiseptic.

  1. The chemical formula for washing soda is?

Ans: Na2Co3

  1. Which compound in a soap helps reduce the body colour?

Ans: Chloroxylenol

  1. The difference between amylose and amylopectin is?

Ans: Amylose is a linear chain polymer and amylopectin is a branched polymer.

  1. How are the amino acids linked together in a protein molecule?

Ans: The amino acids in a protein molecule are linked together by a peptide bond.

NEET 2021 Expected Questions: Physics

The Physics paper again contains a total of 45 questions, each carrying 4 marks. Some of the predicted questions which the students must know besides NEET application dates are mentioned below:

  1. The voltage across the capacitance, resistance, and inductance in a series LCR circuit is 10 Volt each. If the capacitance is short-circuited, what will be the voltage across the inductance? 

Ans: The voltage across the inductance will be 10/ √2 Volts.

  1. Equal charges q, are placed at the vertices A and b of an equilateral triangle ABC. If the sides of the triangle are ‘a’, what is the magnitude of electric intensity at point C?

Ans: The electric intensity at point C is ((√3kq) / a2).

  1. When a constant voltage is applied between the two ends of a uniform metallic wire, it develops some amount of heat. The heat developed in the wire will be doubled if?

Ans: The heat in the wire will be doubled if the length and the radius of the wire is doubled.

  1. A car travels the same distance and same direction with velocities 10kmph, 20kmph, and 60kmph. What will be the average velocity of the car in the whole journey of motion?

Ans: The average velocity of the car in the whole journey will be 5ms-1.

We hope the above-mentioned questions and answers will help you throughout your preparation for NEET 2021. Though the date of NEET application is not yet declared by the Education Ministry or NTA, aspirants must keep preparing and stay relaxed. 

Aspirants are also advised to look into the important topics from each subject. Since the syllabus is vast, a planned preparation will be helpful to get ready for the examination. Also, practicing the sample papers and previous years’ question papers will be helpful for the candidates. 

Students must not spend time getting worried about the NEET application and exam dates, they should rather focus on their health and preparation!

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