Father of Yoga introduction, history and origin of Ayurveda

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Father of Yoga who has given healthy lifestyle to millions of people in the world. He was the one who had given yogic science to the world. Let’s Know more about the Father of Modern Yoga in detail.

Who is Father of Yoga ?

Father of Yoga - Patanjali

We all know that Yoga is the science of practicing healthy lifestyle exercise which is beneficial for our mind, body, and soul. From ancient times, people used to do Yoga in their own way, it was too complex and not arranged. All the forms of ancient Yoga were not arranged and not clearly classified into categories as nobody wrote about it ever before. So Patanjali was the person who had arranged the Yoga into an arranged form and classified it into proper categories.

Patanjali divided Yoga into many categories which are known as sutras. That is why Patanjali is called the Father of Yoga. There are total 196 total sutras in which Yoga is classified. These Sutras are also known as Collection of Verses. Since Patanjali was the one who arranged Yoga so Patanjali is the Father of Modern Yoga. The main aim of creating and categorizing Yoga into various sutras or verses is to make people understand the real meaning and balancing of life elements.

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Lord Shiva Connection with Yoga

Lord Shiva

Many people believes that Patanjali was actually the human avatar of Lord. It is said that Father of Modern Yoga Patanjali was actually a Maharshi. According to a tale, Maharshi Patanjali fell into the arms of her mother, when she was offering prayer to the God.

Who is Patanjali ?

Patanjali name is made of two words, first one is the Sanskrit word Pat(fell) and the second one is Anjali (the palm of the hands). As per the spiritual writing, Lord Shiva is the one who is known as the AdiYogi. Lord Shiva was the first yogi in the entire universe. He was the one who knows every form of Yoga. But since he is the God, so for spreading the knowledge of Yoga science to the humans, he gave the responsibility to his human avatar Maharshi Patanjali. And he arranged Yoga into sutras and thus Patanjali is known as the originator of Yoga culture.

What is the Significance of Yoga ? | When International Yoga Day is Celebrated ?

International Yoga Day pratice

Yoga has proven itself by providing healthy and positive vibes to the body, mind, and soul. From ancient times Yoga is been practiced by Indians. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that India has given Yoga to the world. Now Yoga is so much popular that from 21 June 2015, it is been celebrated internationally as International Yoga Day. Now the Entire world has understood the benefits and goodness of Yoga. It is believed that Yoga is originated in India around 5000 years ago. People practice Yoga as an exercise for relaxation of Mind and Body.

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How Sutras are described by Father of Modern Yoga?


Sutras are the base of Yoga which made it arranged and diversified. Patanjali has written and described 196 Sutras in a way that needs a very serious approach to read and understand it. If you look at the fundamental principle of Sutras which Patanjali had mentioned, you will find it’s more about knowing your own life and your inner soul. Sutras are a way of connecting one’s mind to one body.

This establishes an equilibrium, which results in letting you know about your body more. Sutras balance all the body elements and bring real equilibrium to your life. You will not find this entire document interesting to read. Patanjali had written it in a manner that if someone is actually curious to read and understand the fundamentals of life, then only they will understand its essence.

It is described in the book that these sutras are a way to open up life, he described it in very deep meaning of words. The first line of the sutras starts with the wording like “……and now, Yoga” You will find deep meaning in this and seriousness of Patanjali while describing it. These 3 words “……and now, Yoga” itself carries a lot of surprise, secrets and the true essence of life.

How Patanjali Helped Millions of people in finding their true capabilities ?

The phenomenal fame of Yoga and it’s various practices are a result of well documented benefits and knowledge which Patanjali has written in the book. The intelligence of humans have gone to new heights and with such responsibilities, it has become quite mandatory for the humans to emphasis more on the physical and mental well being. And for fulfilling this need of the hour, Yoga is the only answer which we should consider.

With the various assans mentioned in the sutras of Yoga, people have started understanding their body and it also helps them to make a connection between the body and the mind. Which results in better consistency of living a happy and fruitful life.

Who invented Ayurveda ?

Who invented Ayurveda
Who invented Ayurveda

it is also believed that Patanjali was the one who has penned the knowledge of Ayurveda also. But it can not be clearly claimed. Physical illness can be cured by Ayurveda and medicines but when it comes to mental illness, Yoga is something that helps the human race. We are living in a world which is full of responsibilities and duties and to help us perform them well, Ayurveda and yoga is the companion.

Conclusion Facts:

Although, it is believed that Lord Shiva is the first yogi and he knows Yoga from starting. But when it comes to the human race. We can say that Patanjali is the human Avatar of Lord Shiva, has given written knowledge of the Yoga and Yogic Science to the humans. Thus saying Patanjali the Father of Yoga or Father of Modern Yoga is truly practical and correct.

Let’s make this life amazing and healthy by practicing our identity of Indian culture the real Yoga. It helps us to understand our true existence and which results in making us better human beings.

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