4 Reasons to pursue MTech after BTech

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A bachelor’s degree in engineering or technology (BTech) is one of the most popular academic programs in India. Statista.com reported that nearly 2,900,000 students enrolled in different engineering programs in India in 2019.

The popularity of the BTech programs arises due to the multitude of career prospects available to students after their graduation. Many students also prefer to opt for MTech admission right after their undergraduate degree to aim for better jobs.

However, the decision to pursue an MTech right after your BTech program as opposed to taking a work break for a few years is highly debated. While gaining work experience after your undergraduate degree has its advantages, it can be distinctly more beneficial to progress to a master’s degree without a year’s loss.

Here are some advantages of pursuing an MTech degree after completing your BTech course.

1. You don’t lose touch with your basics

It is a universal fact that it is easier to jump into your academic life if you were not disassociated with it for a long period of time. Pursuing an MTech degree right after your graduation can help you bank on the concepts you studied during your BTech program easily. This allows you to ace your academics during the course and make the most of the program.

2. An M. Tech degree allows you to specialise in your preferred domain

Most BTech program curriculums are designed to introduce students to technical concepts from a high school level. Hence, they are kept mostly generic and at a basic level. Even with BTech programs with specific majors, you are introduced only to the basic concepts of your domain.

On the other hand, MTech curriculums are more targeted and advanced. Pursuing an MTech program after your BTech allows you to advance to more complex subjects and disciplines and specialize in your preferred field.

3. An M. Tech degree can provide multiple chances of career progression

Most BTech programs provide you with the relevant skills for entry-level jobs in different technical industries. However, you will need to increase your technical expertise if you want to target complex job descriptions. Additionally, you also can’t apply for research-based or academic programs with just a BTech degree.

An MTech program dramatically improves your career profile and enhances your career prospects in different fields. The course can also provide you with the technical expertise to target research-based careers. 

4. You get access to higher-paying roles

The career opportunities available to BTech graduates are usually entry-level and have limited financial prospects unless they are graduating from premium colleges. Pursuing an MTech course directly after your BTech degree qualifies you for higher-paying technical roles in the industry.

These benefits aside, you can make the most out of your MTech program after your BTech degree only if you get admission into a reputed university. The right faculty and industry exposure during your MTech program can also enrich your educational experience.

Invest in a good MTech program in your preferred discipline for a successful engineering or academic career today.

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