Pittsburgh Steelers Came Up With 412 Food Rescue To delivering The Food To Needy Person

412 Food Rescue In Pitsburg

The Pittsburgh Steeler collaborates with 412 Food Rescue for the food distribution for the needy person during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Even the exact time of the drive should be 11 a.m. but due to the high demand and response, it got underway before half an hour early, where the long line of vehicle Idled Along … Read more

Northeast Kansas, Farmer Send Of His Five N-95 Mask To The New York Governor For The Frontliner

New York Governor Cuomo

NewYork- At the Friday Morning press Conference, The governor Cuomo Shared and read a letter he had gotten from the Retired farmer in Kansas. As NewYork is Hardest Hit by the Coronavirus with approx the 146000 confirmed cases, according to the data of the John Hopkins University & medicine. A northeast Farmer gave one of … Read more

Donald Trump Suggested For Injecting The Disinfectant To Treat Coronavirus Patients

Donald Trump On injecting the Disinfectant for Corona Virus

Us President Donald Trump again Came into the light and come under the fire from the Medical Community as he suggested to inject the Disinfectant into the body of the infected patients to treat Coronavirus (COVID-19) The president doing the daily press briefing when he made these comments, by following a study which showed that … Read more

Tripura Has Become COVID-19 Free After The Recovering Of The All Patients.

corona painting

Total Confirmed cases of Coronavirus infection in India has reached almost 21,700 on Thursday evening, On the other hand, the death ratio reached up to the 886. Even Globally it already has reached the 27 lack and the killed over 1.9 lack people, as per the data U.S is the Most affected Country with almost … Read more