Delhi Government Urged Central Government To Promote The 10th or 12th Students On Basis Of Internal Exams

Delhi goverment urges to central government to promote students

It could be great news or could be critical news as well, the good news is that Delhi government urged the Central Government to promote students to 10th and 12th based on their internal exams, the bad news is this as we still are facing the crisis due to the coronavirus reason being the Central … Read more

“Mai Bhi Harjeet”, Punjab Police Start A Campaign On Honour Of His Brave Officer

"Mai Bhi Harjeet", Punjab Police Start A Campaign On Honour Of His Brave Officer

Punjab Police has started a different kind of campaign in the honor of Harjeet Singh, DGP Dinakr Gupta Started this campaign along with the 80k police officer and put a batch of Harjeet Singh’s name on his uniform with the wording of ” Mai Bhi Harjeet”. For his audacious action he has been promoted as … Read more

US President Tweeted: He Is The Hardest Working Person In History Of The Country’s

Donald Trump latest Tweet

Washington Dc: The Us President Donald Trump on Continuing his attacks on media on Sunday, when he said that people called him the “the hardest working president” and describe it as he has done a lot of word in his first tenure than any other presidents in the country’s history. On his recent tweet has … Read more

Earth Is Healing We Heard But Actual Ozone Layer Has Start Healing Itself Apparantly

ozone healing itself

At this time of crisis, we are always saying that earth is healing, via video text and the images, even according to the reports, the scientist also has confirmed that our earth is in healing mode and about 1 million square kilometers wide hole on ozone layer finally healed itself, this kind of good news … Read more