Indian 2: Movie, Reviews, Cast, and Release Date

Indian 2: Movie, Reviews, Cast, and Release Date 1

Indian 2 is the most awaited Indian Tamil-language film. It is a vigilante action thriller film which is directed by S. Shankar. This film is the sequel to the 1996 film Indian. Kamal Haasan playing his role as senapathy who was an ex freedom fighter turned vigilante who fights against corruption. Indian 2 Quick Movie Facts Indian … Read more

Top 10 Youngest Bollywood Actresses whose age is below 25


Youngest Bollywood Actresses: Bollywood is one of the wells know film industries in the world based in Mumbai. Bollywood is famous for giving opportunities to many young people. There is no lack of names who became famous starts overnight. They earn a lot of name and fame in the world. Bollywood is full of opportunities … Read more

Majnu Bhai Painting popularity is growing day by day

Majnu Bhai Painting

Majnu Bhai Painting is actually a nice piece of art. This painting is named Majnu Bhai ki Painting also as it was painted with the fine handmade art of actor Anil Kapoor. Let’s explore the funniest and craziest side of this Painting and know more about this art legacy. We will also be discussing about … Read more

Who is Parle G Girl? Everything You Need to Know About Her Story


Parle G Girl Mystery: I remember when I was young, I love eating Parle G biscuits. Not only me, but my parents also loved it. So many years passed, so many changes happened in society but what never changed is the popularity of Parle G Biscuit. Parle G is a well-known brand in India. It … Read more

Do you remember Veerana Movie Fame Actress Jasmine Dhunna? Where is she now?


About Veerana Movie Fame Mysterious Actress Jasmine Dhunna: Here, we provide true and real information about Bollywood’s bold and beautiful Veerana actress along with her Bollywood journeys, photos, etc. In 1988, Ramsay Brothers made the horror movie ‘Veerana’. She became famous in this film. It is said that She has started receiving calls from the … Read more