Top Career Apart From Medical And Engineering In India

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Medical and engineering are the top career options people go for because they think these careers are high paying and secure, which is not entirely but partially true. In 2022, where Internet has changed the career sector in India, people can now make a career in any field by learning the in-depth skills required.
Even if we talk about traditional careers, we still have plenty of career options apart from medical and engineering, which are as good as them in most aspects. Here in this article, I’ve talked about five career options that you can pick apart from medical and engineering.

5 Top careers that you can choose apart from medical and engineering in India-


The demand for good lawyers is immense in India, which raises excellent career opportunities for people apart from engineering and medicine. Be it a government-appointed lawyer or an independent one, you can make good money if you have good communication skills, and research skills, and can firmly prove your points.
Most people go for the government lawyer job because they think it’s more secure than the private one. The government lawyers are paid by the federal or state government while the private lawyers are paid by the private sector. Whether you’re a government lawyer or private lawyer, if you’re good at your work, your job will be secure and you could even earn as much as a doctor or engineer.
Courses like LLB and LLM are what you can pursue if you want to make your career in the law field. As you keep getting experienced throughout the years, your demand rises and ultimately you get high pay from your clients.

IPM/MBA – Management

Business administration is one of the great courses if done from the right college and the right way. If you don’t want to be into medicine or engineering after your schooling, you can go for an undergraduate program management Program IPM and then pursue an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from a renowned college such as an IIM or Top B school in India where you need to crack an entrance exam first to get admission.
Top companies, including MNCs, hire top MBA graduates for a high package, giving people enough reason to pursue this career. Once you complete your MBA from a top B school, you can get a job that pays you more than a doctor and engineer. There are also some companies who offer you a job in western countries that gives you rapid growth in your career.

Fashion Design

Fashion designing has been a career for a few decades, and it’s one of the careers that sometimes pays an amount beyond the expectations of the candidate. It’s all about being creative and having a sense of fashion if you want to win this career. Fashion design wasn’t a recognized field, but now, it has become one of the most lucrative careers.
Courses like B.Des and M.Des are what people pursue to become a fashion designer, and if you’re serious about a career that is as good as medicine and engineering, you may make this career an option. Like the MBA, fashion design also has several competitive exams for selecting top fashion design colleges that offer top placements.

Hotel Management

We can’t forget to list hotel management when discussing top careers apart from medical and engineering. Hotel management is an advanced career where people earn a high income by pursuing this course from renowned institutions.
If you’re a person who has excellent communication skills, you can be a great fit for this career because that is what is necessary to pull off the best packages in this field. You must pursue a four-year degree course named BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management). Pursuing this degree from a renowned institution is important if you want great pay.


Lastly, I’ve another career you can pursue if you don’t want to get into medicine or engineering, which is architecture. Like fashion design, this one is also a career you can go with if you’re creative and have a strong imagination skills. As you keep gaining more experience in this field, you start getting better offers from other companies, and that way, you grow.
The basic course people pursue to get into this career is B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) which has a duration of 5 years. Pursuing this course from a renowned college/university is essential if you’re looking to get placed in a giant company.

So this was all about a top career apart from medicine and engineering in India, and I hope you have found this article helpful.

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