Top 5 Players with Most Catches in the IPL

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With IPL’s second leg pacing up in the UAE, cricket fans and lovers have already begun predicting the winners. However, while some are happy seeing their favourite players perform well, a few are disappointed to see their favourite team at the bottom on the leaderboard. 

Whether the winning teams are your favourite or not, it hardly affects your passion and craze for the sport, right? However, given the increasing level of excitement in cricket fans like you, Twitter has launched a new campaign with the aim of having a dedicated event page to feature all upcoming cricket league seasons, according to The Times of India. It is an attempt to keep cricket lovers updated about the event.

With the help of this page, sports lovers will be aware of all kinds of leagues scheduled for the upcoming day or week. As a result, they can prepare themselves for the fantasy versions of those tournaments to enjoy real-life gaming situations. The involvement of fans in the fantasy version of the IPL has witnessed a boost with the launch of the second phase of IPL 2021. 

Fantasy cricket offers people an opportunity to select their players for the fantasy league’s team. Based on their performances in real-life matches, the gamers earn points. It makes it important for individuals to be aware of the strengths of each player’s participating in the upcoming matches. Based on their strengths, they can choose the players for their team.

When it comes to having a good fantasy cricket team to play the matches, gamers need to know that a team is not about having the best batsmen. Besides the runs scored by individual players, the fantasy gamers also have a chance to earn points for the catches taken. Hence, one of the fantasy tips to consider before selecting the team is to ensure a balanced set of batsmen, bowlers, and fielders.

To make sure you select the best people in your fantasy cricket team this IPL season, especially those who have taken more catches to restrict the other team from winning, here is a list of the top 5 players with the most catches in the IPL:

Suresh Raina

With 102 catches in 193 matches, Raina tops the list of players with the most catches in the IPL. He is known for his safe fielding and elegant performance. Adding him to the team would surely mean a good and fruitful match. Owning multiple records, the player has become the greatest player of the contests. The player is known for taking different positions on the field and playing without his game being affected in any way. If he is in your fantasy cricket team, the batsmen on the other side will always fear hitting a ball. What else would you want?

AB De Villiers

The South African player is known for plucking 84 catches in 154 matches. His versatile performance and his efficient presence are enough to dominate the field. As a wicket-keeper, he has always ruled the pitch. His fielding skills make it difficult for even the strongest teams to survive for too long. His fitness makes him an ideal player for his fellow mates. It won’t be wrong to say that AB De Villiers is an all-rounder in cricket.

Rohit Sharma

There is a reason why he leads the Mumbai Indians team. Being a safe fielder, he defends the team well from the tough-to-handle shots taken by the batsmen in the other team. With 83 catches in 188 matches, Rohit Sharma acquired the third position in the list of players with the most catches in the IPL. Though he is not a regular athlete, he puts 100 percent of his efforts to secure a win for the team whenever he is on the field. So if you are looking for a cricketer with consistent performance throughout and who you can rely on, Sharma is the one to be chosen.

Kieron Pollard

The West Indies player has secured the fourth position, with 82 catches plucked in 148 matches. If you have ever seen the player taking a catch, you might have observed his ability to stand at long-on and long-off positions to grab the flying ball with just one hand. He is tall with an ideal stature, making it easier for him to take even the toughest catches on the pitch. Include Pollard in the team, and he will create his magic, restricting the liberty of the batsmen to hit the balls hard.

Dwayne Bravo

The fifth one on the list is yet another West Indies all-rounder Dwayne Bravo. With 74 catches in 134 matches, he has proven his worth as an agile fielder in the IPL. He is flexible enough to position himself anywhere he would possibly get a catch to pluck. The best part is that when you have him in your fantasy cricket team, you will not only have the best bowler or fielder but an awesome batsman as well. He is an all-rounder with versatile skills to show up on the field. Bravo tries to perform in the best possible way. His commitment makes him one of the most reliable players to be chosen for your fantasy IPL team.

Besides the above players with the most catches in the IPL, a few require special mention. Such names include Virat Kohli (73 catches in 177 matches), Shikhar Dhawan (68 catches in 159 matches), Manish Pandey (63 catches in 130 matches), Ravindra Jadeja (63 catches in 173 matches), and David Warner (54 catches in 126 matches). 

Considering the above details, you can check on the consistency of the players in plucking catches and choose players for your fantasy team accordingly. Including a versatile and expert cricketer in your team would help you earn more points as the players score more. The list above will help you make a smarter and more informed decision. So, select the best players for your team and keep winning in this IPL fantasy league.

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