Top 5 Orthopedic Foam Mattresses in India that you can buy Online

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‘Sleeping’ is not just a physical comfort rather it’s a peel to rejuvenate and swirl inherent corpus energy. A good deep slumber while one side wipes out daily fatigue from the body another side heals the mind with freshness. However, sleeping mattresses play a major role in determining a good amount of sleep, especially for those who are either suffering from joint or arthritis pain or some other kind of body aches. Because chronic back pain and joint pain are truly daunting for them while asleep or trying to. Hence, in order to seek relief from insomnia or painful sleep, what they must do is try orthopedic sleeping mattresses. As these are specially designed to appease back pain or related arthritis pain and gradually solace healthy and deep night slumber.

What is an orthopedic mattress?

Now if you wonder what basically an orthopedic mattress means or what is its purpose, then to inform you, an orthopedic mattress is a scientifically made sleeping mattress, designed as per suggestions of orthopedics to get notably relieved from back pain or similar problems. It’s generally engineered with the amalgamation of foam, spring, and latex (not for all) with an imperative of keeping the spine straight and improving bodily alignment or juxtaposition during sleeping. In simple words, orthopedic mattresses support sleeping in the supine position. And as these are purposefully made for arthritis patients are adhered with layered technology at the time of weaving. Hence, these are generally hard and firm, unlike other comfort mattresses.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing an orthopedic mattress

As the hectic life schedule barely leaves free space for us, it’s not unusual to look for an easy-to-go suggestion while you’re intending to buy an orthopedic mattress. However, certain points you must keep in mind before purchasing one. These are

Match your lifestyle with your need

A mattress is of several kinds and so is the orthopedic one; orthopedic, memory foam orthopedic, dual comfort, and spring mattress. Do choose the one you need. For example, if you lean on the comfort mattress then remember, it’s completely opposite to an orthopedic mattress.


The scale of a mattress ranges from super comfortable to super firm and stern. Hence, give basic research on their weaving styles and firmness before you buy one. However, all orthopedic mattresses are generally medium to high firm in nature.

 Consider medical history

Do step ahead as per your doctor’s suggestion. Remember, based on your body’s rigidity or arthritis pain, orthopedic mattresses also vary slightly. So, never forget to customize your need.

Affordability and warranty

There are sundry brands available for orthopedic mattresses in the market. Which are available in a wide range of budgets along with a warranty. For example, Wakefit orthopedic mattresses are reviewed as best comfort while sleepyhead orthopedic mattresses are marked as best affordable. So, do check their warranties and the trial period before you purchase one.

Top 5 orthopedic foam mattresses you must buy online

Before we proceed further, be smart to know that majorly all orthopedic mattresses are segregated between latex and foam while considering weaving technology. Now,  if you are biased with foam made or memory foam mattresses, these are the top 5 mattresses of top brands listed below which can suit your demand.

1. Wakefit orthopedic mattresses| memory foam

Price: Rs. 9,524 at Amazon 

While looking for a comfortable yet best spine support mattress, Wakefit would roll out as the answer in a fraction of a second. The mattress is thrived with multilayer weaving technology and greatly buttressed to improve spin alignment and fix bones misadjustment. Hence, it’s a great healer to body sores and bone joint swelling. 

Major Features: 

The upper layer of the mattress is weaved with porous and breathable fabric which is knitted with high-quality GSM spun that beautifully regulates body heat and air. While the memory foam stunningly fits with body shape, hence ameliorates body sores, pains. The foam is additionally supported by 7 pressure zones that adjust and balance at various angles throughout the body and adhere external support to all major angles of the body. Moreover, the resilience foam (HR foam) provides a medium firmness and enables a stable position irrespective of sleeping postures. 

Product description:

Size available: Queen, King, and customized

Dimension: 78x60x6 inch

Thickness and color: 6” and white

Construction type: memory foam made

Warranty: 10 years

Trial period: 100 free nights


  • Highly resilient
  • Improves body’s posture
  • Medium firm
  • Best comfortable


  • Absorbs body heat redundantly
  • Makes a sweaty feeling during hot days

2. Sleepyhead Original 3 layered orthopedic mattress| medium firm

Price: Rs. 10, 079 at Amazon

Sleepyhead orthopedic mattress cocoons comfort with firmness without any flaw. While it astoundingly ameliorates spines juxtapositions and poor joint angles, the knitted memory foam produces the right amount of bounces that enable deep sleep. 

Major features

It’s weaved with 3 layered technology with a breathable upper fabric layer which triggers balancing body and mattress heat. The foam layer dribbles relaxing body bounce along with a supportive foam layer underneath. There is also a multi-pressure zone layer ambushed into the mattress that is effective to balance body weight throughout.

Product description:

Size: queen 

Dimension: 78 x 60 x 6 inches

Thickness and color: 6’’ and white

Construction type: memory foam

Warranty: 10 years

Trial: 100 free nights


  • High quality GSM breathable fabric
  • Pressure distribution zones
  • Soft bouncing
  • Free delivery


  • Medium breathability and creates suffocative condition at warm seasons
  • Release chemical odor at too much stretching
  • Heavy to carry

3. The Sleep Company smart grid orthopedic mattress

Price: Rs. 17,430 at Amazon

The sleep company smart grid orthopedic mattress adheres to a different knitting technology as compared to other orthopedic mattresses. It’s accompanied by an elastic polymer-made mattress grid that holds 2500 breathable air channels. Hence, produces paramount comfort and bounce while sleeping.

Major features

Despite memory foam, the weaving science of this one proves a revolutionary role of grids in mattresses in order to weed out ortho problems. Moreover, due to weaving with these grids, the mattress is devoid of any kind of crumbling despite being super-elastic. It also eases cool airflow inside the mattress.

Product description 

Size: King

Dimension: 72x72x5 inches

Thickness and color: 5” and white

Construction type: memory foam| medium-firm and plush

Warranty: 30 years against sinking and collapsing


  • Non toxic and hyperallergic smart grids, made up with food grade material
  • 55o GSM breathable layer
  • Comfy and bouncing cushioning impact


  • Expensive and heavy weight

4.  Sleepex Ortho mattress

Price: Rs. 9,439 at Amazon

Sleepex ortho mattress is another example of a quality orthopedic mattress that is stitched with high-density foam and premium fabric at the same time. There is also a sleek breathable GSM layer upon it which aptly pivots body weight. The medium-firm foam with a plethora of pressure zones at variable amplitude enhances the overall cushioning impact. Thus, it’s a great solution to the gradual waning of ortho problems.

Major features

Breathable air mesh fabric foam upper layer, with a high-density foam underneath. The mattress is equipped with even pressure zone layers. The foam material is petroleum-based memory foam.

Product description

Size: double, king, queen, customized

Dimension: 72x72x5 inches

Thickness and colour: 5” and purple

Construction type: memory foam

Warranty: 3 years


  • Comfortable and high cushioning impact
  • Airmesh breathable fabric
  • Easy to install


  • Lesser warranty period
  • Heavy weighed 

5. Sunday latex ortho foam mattress

Price: Rs. 13000 at Amazon

Memory foam mattress is albeit a premium solution to orthopedic problems but if you need to heal these problems at a faster pace, Sunday latex orthopedic foam is just a brilliant idea. The mattress is the only one that adheres to incorporate latex in the weaving technology and comes up with the best feedback till the time.

Major features

The weaving texture, as well as the elements of the mattress, are eco-friendly non-toxic latex, memory foam, and HR foam. Latex in the topmost layer triggers heat-absorbing power and effectively regulates body temperature. While memory foam and HR foam enhance pillowing impact. The latex is made up of natural material and follows non compressing technology.

 Product description

Size: king, queen, double bed

Dimension: 60x78x8 inch

Thickness and colour: 8” and off white

Construction: latex + memory foam + HR foam

Warranty: 10 years

Trial period: 100 days


  • Regulate excellent balance between comfort and spine support
  • Long lasting
  • 100% made up with natural elements


  • Bit expensive as compared to other orthopedic mattress

Hence, I hope from the above discussion you have to subsume abridged orthopedic mattresses and their essentiality. Therefore do try any of these doctor’s prescribed mattresses if you need to improve your back pain and nurture your night sleep. Therefore, sleep well with a perfectly aligned body posture with these mattresses.

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