To Buy or To First Understand? Know About These 4 Elements That Make up the Best Inverter Battery

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If you are tired of pesky and irritating power cuts and thinking of getting the best inverter battery to ramp up your power delivery during outages, there are a few things that you should know about inverter batteries that could help you choose the best one out there. As consumers, we either believe in the ads or go for the ones recommended by our closed ones, the latter a tad truer than the former. 

However, since no two requirements are the same, a battery that could be working wonders for your friend’s home, might not be the right choice for your unique power situation at home. Therefore, having some level of knowledge is important as it will handy when choosing the best inverter battery for your home.  

Know About These 4 Elements That Make up the Best Inverter Battery
Source: Luminous

In this article, we will be looking at 3 elements that make up the best inverter battery, and you should always keep them in mind before you make a buying decision. 

Your Power Situation

This has nothing to do with the build quality, brand, or technology used, but arguably the most important factor in choosing a battery. You need to answer a few basic questions to yourself: 

  1. What is the nature and duration of power cuts in my area?
  2. What is my power requirement to run the appliances of my choice?
  3. How much backup do I need? 
  4. Do I need more power or better performance? 

Once you have figured out the answers as per the power situation and requirement you want to address, you can then move on to the elements that have a direct impact on the battery. 

Build Quality

First and foremost, you need to choose a battery that has the highest standards in build quality, durability, and strength. For this, keep a watch on the technology that has been used to build the battery. 

  1. HADI or High-Pressure Gravity type Casting
  2. Low-Pressure Gravity Type Casting
  3. Gravity Casting

Batteries are manufactured using any 1 of these 3 techniques; however, only the best inverter battery is manufactured using the HADI or High-Pressure Gravity Type casting method. It’s the most up-to-date manufacturing technique and is superior compared to the Low-Pressure Gravity Type Casting. As for the third one, it’s best to avoid batteries manufactured using this method since it’s a cheap method, and batteries made using this technique are worst in terms of service life and maintenance. 

Load Handling Capability

The best batteries can handle even the heaviest of loads efficiently, so always check a battery’s track record in terms of its load handling capability. Read reviews, feedback of existing buyers and compare different batteries in the same range to choose one that has a good track record of handling such loads. Moreover, the battery that you choose should also be able to perform under high temperatures and offer exceptional protection against overcharge to protect your expensive appliances from damage. 

Service Life and Maintenance

A battery’s service life and maintenance costs are great indicators of its worthiness. This is where the build quality of the battery comes into play. The best battery offers exceptional service life and low cost of ownership, making service life and maintenance an extremely crucial element that goes into making some of the best inverter batteries out there. 

A battery’s efficiency is directly impacted by these 3 elements that we discussed, so the next time you are out looking for the best inverter battery, keep these three factors in mind to pick a battery that’s within your budget and offers you maximum value for your money. 

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