This Is How You Can Save While Clearing Your Electric Bil Dues

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Electricity is a dire necessity in modern-day lives to carry out routine activities. Every household needs it, and they pay for it at the end of the month easily with the help of an online payment gateway app like MobiKwik and others. What makes people nervous is the surging rate of power bills nowadays. This happens because of ignorance, as most people do not know how to use electricity efficiently. However, by being careful about a few things, they can significantly cut down the rate of electricity bills. These tips will help you make some savings at the time of your UPPCL online bill payment and others.

  • Make a habit of turning off devices when not in use. 

You should develop a habit of switching off your electronic devices when they are not in use. Often it is seen that people forget to turn off the television and lights when they go to sleep or go out somewhere. During the daytime, lights are kept on in some households even when there is maximum natural sunlight. For your convenience, you can use a reminder to switch off the power points if you forget to do it. Additionally, you should also unplug all your power cords from the sockets when you are not using them, as plugged-on devices still consume some electrical power. Experts say this helps you save 30 percent on electricity.

  • Purchase energy-efficient products  

You should always use energy-efficient devices at home. Nowadays, electronic devices like air conditioners, refrigerators, TVs, etc., are made energy efficient, which consumes less electricity. Though they come as slightly expensive, they will greatly impact your power bill. Alternatively, you can replace electronic devices in some corners of your home. For example, in some places of your home, you can use fans instead of AC. One more way to reduce electricity bills is to use LED bulbs which consume less electricity, instead of conventional incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs can cut down electricity by 60 to 70 percent. 

  • Keeping electric devices clean helps to save electricity  

It is important to do the scheduled cleaning of your electronic devices to cut down the electricity rate. You should keep your refrigerator, and AC cleaned at regular intervals. Especially if the AC filter is full of dirt, your AC will make more effort to provide the necessary cooling. This heavy performance will ultimately result in the consumption of more electricity.

  • Use your AC judiciously. 

Air conditioners installed in your home cover most of your electricity bill. Switch it off after you use it. You can use the fan when there is less heat and ventilate your room, so it stays cool most of the time. Grow trees and shrubs as much as possible in your house to help cut down the heat.

  • Use your refrigerator properly. 

Refrigerators consume a huge amount of electricity. You should keep the temperature at a low level if the amount of food is less in your refrigerator. Also, you should unplug the refrigerator when going out of the house for a longer time. 

  • Use solar energy 

Solar energy has become a great alternative to save power. You can get a solar panel installed on your roof to harness solar energy. The installation will cost you a few bucks, but it will be worthwhile considering the electricity bills that will incur every month. The government also offers subsidies for solar panel installation. For example, if you are trying to save money on your HPSEBL online electricity bill payment, you can also adopt this technology as an alternate option. 

Many other appliances, such as microwaves, computers, electric kettles, and irons, consume great power. So be wise while using them. Never leave them plugged in when you go out. 


As an individual, your lifestyle and habits can make a great difference in your monthly electricity bill. But these tips are beneficial when you try to save on your power bill and balance your finances. So, when the time comes for your next HPSEBL online electricity bill payment, you can relax as you know your bill will be what you expected. For electricity bill payments, such as a UPPCL online bill payment or others, you can use digital payment apps like MobiKwik. These online apps offer various discounts and rewards that help you save even more. For instance, MobiKwik offers cashback and SuperCash when you pay your electricity bills through it.

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